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Quickly add movable meeting rooms to any workspace

Starting € 10,999 (excl. VAT)

What's inside Persy FOUR?

We focus on nailing the basics. That’s why Persy FOUR Meeting Booth is soundproof, ventilated, and comfortable to use.

Integrated wheels

Hidden wheels make it easy even for one person to move the Persy FOUR around the office.

Motion sensing LEDs & ventilation

Lights and ventilation are activated by motion. Enter the booth and focus on the task at hand.

Spacious oak wood table

A large natural oak table with enough space even for 4 laptops.

Soundproof double glass

Double laminated glass with a soundproofing membrane ensures your meetings stay private


Two 240V power sockets and Two USB Type-A ports make sure you can charge all devices at once.

5 layers of soundproofing

Five layers of soundproofing materials, each designed to absorb different sound frequencies.

Active air exhaust

Six ultra-quiet fans pull the warm air out of the booth.

Active air inflow

We don’t only move the warm air out but we also make sure the fresh air comes in. Eight of our ultra-quiet fans make that possibe.

Recycled PET felt finishing

Recycled plastic bottles are used to produce an acoustic PET felt finishing for the walls. This absorbs any echo inside.

Magnetic door

The magnetic door makes it incredibly easy to open the booth even with your hands full.

Whiteboard or TV

Our Persy FOUR standard model comes with a whiteboard. If you’re planning to use the booth for presentations, choose our model with a TV.

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